Be the CEO of your health.

Precision Diagnostics Overview

Precision Diagnostics utilizes the best early detection technology to find illness earlier than ever before possible. By finding cancer, heart disease and dementia in their earliest stages, we can provide effective and minimally invasive healthcare plans to treat illnesses before they can ever cause harm.


Full Body MRI with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Our non-invasive MRI provides a snapshot of the entire body and brain, then links it with artificial intelligence (AI) to scan for any abnormalities.


AI Coronary Artery Scan

If there’s a heart attack looming in your future three, five or 10 years down the road, (CCTA) allows us to detect the warning signs.


Early Cancer Detection Test

Detect cancer in its early stages with our multi-cancer early detection blood test. This simple test screens for over 50 types of cancer.


Executive Blood Panel

This test will flag potential health risks and enable our team to make suggestions to optimize your health and performance.


Biological Age

This epigenetic test looks at methylation markers on your DNA to predict your biological age in comparison to your chronological age.


Genetic Sequencing

DNA sequencing data with lab values and other properties to enable us to better understand how your DNA affects your health.


Gut Microbiome Analysis

Keeping the balance between good and bad bacteria is essential for optimal immunity, digestion, and overall health.


DEXA Bone Density Scan

Our DEXA bone density scan measures the mineral content of your bones and, ultimately, your bone strength.


Review of Results

Once a year, you will have a visit with a physician to review your results and monitor your success.

Preventative. Predictive. Personalized.

We remain ahead of the latest trends in health care, continually evaluating new technologies to help members diagnose illness early—and turn back the clock on aging.

At every stage of life, Fountain Life will empower our members to drive their own wellness journey. We will continually educate, track and manage data, and provide a seamless and comforting experience that ensures each member feels cared for, calm, and in charge of their personal health.


Health & Performance Optimization


Disease Prevention & Early Detection